Tight Lower Back? How it's affecting your swimming.

If we had a guest blogger his name would be Brendon Ford, but this is just a copy and paste from his email newsletter, we found it very insightful, so we're sharing it!


I sat staring at my computer screen in a zombie-like state.  Early mornings and late nights coaching had caught up with me...

I hit the 'Enter' button to continue typing in an attempt to clear the inbox before bed.  All of a sudden I felt a sharp twinge through my lower back...

"Arghhh!! What the hell just happened?"

Standing up to stretch out the painful ache that had shot through my back, I was now hunched over and short of breath instead.  I'd just 'pulled' my lower back and could hardly stand straight.  This was the result of tight hips, hamstrings and glutes from sitting in the car and at the computer for long hours.  If you've ever experienced the same sort of pain you know just how frustrating it is. Walking is hard enough, let alone swimming.

When we do video analysis at our freestyle clinics and in Swimprove, our online coaching program, it's obvious who's tight through their lower body. Their legs will drop low in the water and create extra frontal drag and limit their speed.

One the best solutions I've found is stretching through yoga. Nothing fancy, just 20 minutes a day at home. I've returned to the flexibility I had as a teenager (which I thought would 
never happen!).

This is the stretching workout I've been following

I hope it helps.

Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming