Echelon’s Road Bike Maintenance Schedule

A lot of people ask us how to best maintain their bikes, and it's a great question!  The better you take care of your equipment, the longer it will last, and the fewer problems it will give you when you're out enjoying your precious riding time.  Here's our recommended maintenance schedule, all recommendations are based on averages, do not replace parts if they aren’t worn. Extreme use (regular stationary trainer riding, and winter riding) requires more frequent service. 

Before Every Ride   

-Wipe down chain until silver      -Check air pressure in tires     -Check brake & wheel alignment


After Every Ride

-Lightly lubricate chain, allow it to soak in overnight/until next ride



-Wipe off pulleys & chainrings    -Check tires for cuts, remove any embedded debris

-Wipe down bike to remove sweat and drink mix   



-Charge Di2 battery (internal)                -Degrease and detail drivetrain, lubricate


Every 3-4 months - Great time for a tune up!

-Check chain wear, replace if necessary        -Remove cassette, degrease

-Tune derailleurs and brakes                -True & check tension on wheels

-Check all bolts for proper torque and corrosion    -Charge Di2 battery (external)

-Inspect tires for tread wear, replace as needed, esp. before events

-Tire rotation: put the new tire on the front wheel, toss your worn rear tire, and move your lightly worn front tire to the rear.  A flat on the front wheel is more dangerous than one on the rear.

-Check cleats for wear/cracks   


Every 6 months

(everything from the 3-4 month check) PLUS

-Replace rear derailleur shift housing loop       

-Check rear brake housing and cable, replace if there is any drag

-Replace bar tape, check/replace aero bar pads



-New cables & housing

-Replace brake pads (bleed hydraulic fluid for disc brakes)

-Service wheel hubs

-Check all bearings (wheels, headset, bottom bracket, pulleys) replace as needed

-Remove seatpost, clean, check and grease seat clamp bolts, grease/carbon paste post

-Overhaul headset and bottom bracket/crank interface

-Check and update firmware for all electronics (GPS, Di2, powermeter)

-Inspect helmet for damage, age (replace every 2-5 years), replace helmet pads


Every 2 years

-Replace chainrings & cassette             -Replace headset bearings

-Replace derailleur pulleys                -Replace most pedals

-Replace most saddles