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Cervélo Bikes Buyer’s Guide

Why Cervélo Bikes?

Cervélo has built a range of innovative road bikes for endurance, race, and performance purposes since 1995. We’ve broken down the difference between their series of bikes we offer and which you should look at depending on your preferred riding style and uses.

Cervélo Gravel Bikes

Ideal For: Speed and performance-focused gravel riding. Your next gravel race bike.

Cervélo Aspero Gravel Bike

Áspero Gravel Bike Details

The Áspero and Aspero-5 are Cervélo’s offerings that highlight their propensity to make high-performing and speedy race bikes, but onto the function of a gravel bike.

These models are perfect for gravel racing given they feature a frame that offers stiffness, wide tire clearance, the ability to switch between 700c and 650b, and a geometry that allows for comfort and imposes speed.

It’s one of the lightest gravel bikes on the market and you’ll notice the difference when you’re cutting through open roads and wild trails with speed and stability.

Cervélo Road Bikes

For those passionate about the open road, pushing your limits, and conquering climbs, Cervélo Road Bikes are innovatively designed to maximize your next ride’s potential.

Cervélo Caledonia Endurance Bike

Caledonia Endurance Road Bike Details

Ideal For: Riders who know they’ll be hitting the century mark on the odometer quite often.

The Caledonia models don't fit in a narrow definition very easily. They came about from Cervélo testing new things on their other road and gravel bike models, eventually designing this model to keep durability, lightweight, and aerodynamics in balance.

With a standard round bar, stem, seat post, and the ability to fit a 34mm tire, Caledonia offers a broad range of fits and is built to handle long distance, high pace rides. Integrated accessory mounts and hidden fender mounts allow for you to be prepared for any conditions you might face on your next century.

Cervélo R-Series Road Bike

R-Series Road Bike Details

Ideal For: Classic road biking. The ride professional and ametuer road cyclists look for in an all-round experience.

The R-Series is Cervélo’s high-performing road bike that is designed to be light, stiff, and with top-notch handling. It’s known to be an all-rounder because it can perform with the best of road bikes whether on race day, weekend rides on rough tarmac, or steep ascents and descents in the mountains.

Fits up to 28mm tires and sports a geometry that promotes the speed and stability pleasing weekend warriors and Pro Tour riders alike.

Cervélo Triathlon Bikes

Ideal For: Time trial and triathlon athletes where performance and getting from A to B as fast as possible matters most.

Cervélo P-Series Triathlon Bike

P-Series Triathlon Bike Details

Cervélo’s P-Series is a no-nonsense machine built for athletes seeking speed, storage, value, and comfort. The fact that its storage, bottle holder, and rear hydration mount are all customizable to the rider’s needs makes this bike a favorite among triathlon athletes.

Learning from its predecessor, the P-series was designed to maximize stiffness and lightness, but also to lower its drag and in this form, is a climbing machine, takes corners with ease, and is faster in every application.